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RISQUES & ASSOCIATS OFICINA D’ARQUITECTURA S.L.P. It is the professional society successor to "Risques Arquitectes Associats S.L." both founded by Francesc Risques Corbella for the development of the professional activity of architectural and design firm.

Paco Risques. Architect graduated from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona in 1968 (collegiate: 3343), he started as a professional working in Jivaskyla (Finland) in the office of Marti I. Jaatinen, later in Copenhagen in the office of Gunnar Wallevick and, finally, in Ciudadela (Menorca) where he shares his first office together with other architects.

After years of teacher of the subject project in the School of Architecture of Barcelona, ​​based on 1,973 he founded the office in Roses, the same one that we continue having today after successive enlargements.

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After years of teacher of the subject project in the School of Architecture of Barcelona, ​​founded in 1973 the office in Roses, the same as we continue to have today after successive enlargements.

The firm has been over the years one of the most active in the area and has worked in a wide range of assignments: private and collective residences, urban hotels and resorts, urban planning, public and private facilities, urban development, commercial facilities, offices, etc., and related activities (electrical activity projects, surveys, etc.).

In these years we have had the opportunity to expand our activities inside and outside our country. For several years now the firm has developed tourism, residential, commercial and office projects in Argentina, Uruguay, Cuba, Panama, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Arabia, Algeria and Sudan which undoubtedly has been very positive and has enriched our way of seeing and doing architecture and design.

For some years RISQUES & ASSOCIATS SLP ago. It has positioned its promotion and international business through MOA's Design (Mediterranean Office of Architecture Design S. L.) of which he is a founding partner.

Sometimes we wonder what kind of architecture do. Honestly, we like too much freedom we classify ourselves.

We believe that, in any case, we try to make an honest architecture; honest with our world, with our environment, with the customer and ourselves happy and we accept that in any case, all these years living beside the Mediterranean, we will have left their mark.

From the beginning we understood our business as an integral commitment for this reason we liked when we had the opportunity to develop projects to the last detail. Only then we can assume the quality of the end result, the finished work, for us, has been and remains the most important.

In this aspect it assumes the office, when necessary, the integrity of the process. From structural engineering and facilities to detail in interior design, landscaping and design as well as the organization and integrated management of the work.

RISQUES & ASSOCIATS SLP. Today it has its own independent department of interior design directed by Laia Risques Andersen, graduated by the EINA School of Design in Barcelona, and by the Superior School of Design (ESDI) (collegiate: 1434). Founder in 2002 of “Absolut Design”, she develops projects for her own clients (private residences, hotels, restaurants, commercial and service premises, offices, gardens, etc.) and regularly collaborates in the architectural projects of the firm, especially in the aspects of interior design and landscaping, as well as in the general organization, planning, graphic and corporate image.

In RISQUES & ASSOCIATS SLP. We deal with the realization of the complete construction and we have seen that it is a very comfortable and attractive and alternative, while extremely competitive to directly benefit the customer of the best industrial, materials and prices without dispersion of responsibilities.

In this department, under the responsibility of the technical architect Marcos Fernández Álvarez, graduated from the School of Technical Architecture of La Coruña (collegiate: 1294), we analyze, compare and organize the best alternatives for the complete realization of the work and coordinate and we control the entire construction, economic and planning process.

Because of the large tourist area where we are located we have maintained from the beginning, a large number of contacts with foreign customers. We can say that in RISQUES & ASSOCIATS SLP. we have strived to understand them all in their native language. For us it is no problem to speak French, English, German, and Dutch, apart from Catalan and Spanish.

In our concern to offer the best service RISQUES & ASSOCIATS SLP. It has established a strategic alliance with engineering companies specializing in renewable energy and sustainability to ensure the highest energy efficiency in our buildings by incorporating the latest technologies.









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